Support for you

Help with learning and development

Learning opportunities

Your employer has a responsibility to ensure that you undertake the relevant training to acquire the skills and knowledge to perform your work safely and to the highest standard possible. Social care practitioners are also individually responsible for developing and identifying their own learning opportunities. The Academy will explore the availability of on line training programmes that meet your needs. The Academy will update the membership about new learning opportunities that become available on line, and changes to national training requirements as identified by public bodies will also be made known to you.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCiE)

This is an organisation set up to improve social care services in the UK, and it is committed to identifying and promoting good practice, disseminating social care knowledge, and producing user friendly resources. As a member of the Academy you will be made aware of projects and publications carried out by SCiE that may assist you in carrying out your work to the highest standard possible. You can also log on to SCiE yourself and receive regular updating emails at SCiE has an E-learning Resource centre that can be accessed free of charge. To access the e-learning material open the web page on, and search e-leaning resource and log on. Following completion of the 12 month pilot scheme the Academy of Care Practitioners aims to become a national charitable organisation that will support, develop, value and promote all social care workers in Wales. Registered social care practitioners will be eligible to become full members and non registered practitioners will participate as affiliated members.